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Planning your video is a crucial step to ensure its success. According to research, a poorly planned video without a clear brief can lead to many problems, such as re-shooting, wasting time and money, and losing your audience’s attention. Planning your video helps you choose the right type of video for your goals, define your target audience, craft your message and storyboard, prepare your equipment and budget, and measure your results. A well-planned video can increase your engagement, authority, and education value.

Some factors that you need to consider when planning a promotional video are:

Your target audience: who are they, what are their needs and preferences, how can you appeal to them?

Your message: what is the main benefit or value proposition of your product or service, how can you communicate it clearly and concisely?

Your budget: how much can you afford to spend on production, distribution and promotion of your video?

Your strategy: how does your video fit within your overall marketing plan, what are your goals and metrics for success, how will you measure and optimize your results?

Your production values: what is the style and tone of your video, what equipment and software will you use, who will be involved in the creation process?

Your script: what is the structure and flow of your video, what are the key points and calls to action, how will you capture attention and interest?

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