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7+ Type of Users, Projects and Websites

Whether you have personal or professional goals, WordPress.com can help you create the perfect site for your needs. And if you want to monetize your site now or later, you can use WordAds, which is WordPress.com’s ad program that can bring in ad revenue. (Also, if you have a Pro plan, you can use Google AdSense.)

WordPress.com is an excellent choice for all sorts of users. While this isn’t an exhaustive list, this will start to answer the question, “What is WordPress.com used for?” Common users include:

  • Bloggers
  • Photographers
  • Plumbers
  • Restaurateurs
  • Artists
  • Doctors
  • Shop owners

…and just about anyone who needs a WordPress site for personal or professional reasons. WordPress.com has tons of themes and plugins that you can use to design and add functionality to your own website. Plus, if you have the Pro plan, you can upload your own themes and plugins, too.

However, note that techies who want full control over their code should host their own WordPress.org installation. 

Let’s get a little bit into each category in order to answer, “What is WordPress.com used for?” for each use case.

What is WordPress.com Used For: Bloggers

WordPress.com began as a blogging platform. Over time, it has evolved into a platform for any kind of website, but it was originally designed to be a blog content management system (CMS), so it has a ton of features for that specific use case.

With WordPress.com, there are built-in options for creating and enriching blog posts – you don’t need to add a third-party tool for that functionality. Furthermore, there’s a built-in comments system, which other website builders don’t have – even ones with blogging functionality out of the box.

There are WordPress themes specifically geared toward blogging instead of other types of websites, and within blogging-specific themes, you can find ones that cater to particular niches. There are also blogging-specific WordPress plugins that you’ll want to take advantage of, like ones to protect against spam, add contact forms or enhance SEO.

What is WordPress.com Used For: Business Websites

Whether you’re a doctor, a plumber, a restaurant owner or run another type of business, WordPress.com can help you build your site and communicate pertinent and helpful business information to visitors. And that’s true whether you’re a boutique startup or a big, successful company – or anything in between.

There are a lot of options for businesses that want to build a branded and customized website but don’t want the headache of having to deal with hosting, security or support on their own. You can find a free theme that’s well-suited to your type of business, then install plugins specifically for marketing and analytics.

What is WordPress.com Used For: Artists and Photographers

WordPress.com can be used for far more than blogging, and it doesn’t have to be used by only brands, either. You can use WordPress.com to create an entire portfolio site to show off your work as an artist or photographer (or graphic designer, architect, interior designer, etc.). And you can do that whether you’re showcasing your personal portfolio or you’re hoping to land clients or sales.

Again, it pays to reiterate that WordPress.com is excellent for blogging, but it can also be used to build and manage all sorts of personal and business websites, whether or not they have a blog component. This type of website will be far more static than a site with a blog, but since WordPress.com lets you build web pages – like any website builder should – it’s easy to create a set-it-and-forget-it portfolio site.

Your creative portfolio can showcase your work, of course, and you can also add pages that will help visitors learn more and connect with you. For example, you may want services, pricing, contact and FAQ pages. By choosing a portfolio theme, your work can be front and center, catching the eye of anyone who comes upon your homepage and encouraging them to explore even more. There are gallery plugins you can install, too, so that you can display your work in whatever way you feel it will be best viewed.

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