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Website development agreement terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions constitute a legally binding agreement made between you, whether personally or on behalf of an entity (you), and Biographix Web and Media / Biogroup (us / we)


We will host your website under our reseller account with xneelo. We provide for up to 5GB disk space and 20GB traffic to and from your website or as otherwise confirmed in writing. Should this limits be exceeded, we reserve the right to adjust your package accordingly.


We will provide support to assist you setup your new email account or to troubleshoot any problems but we do not provide support to fix any issues relating to your software or your network preventing the setup of your email account to function properly.


Services to be rendered is as discussed and confirmed in writing. Any additional instructions shall be deemed to form part of this agreement and subject to the terms and conditions as if it was a separate agreement.

Please note that when we develop or revamp a website, we allocate 15 hours towards a new website and 8 hours towards a revamp to complete the website. Should we exceed this allocated time, we reserve the right to add the extra time to your account.

How can this be avoided? 

1. Under normal circumstances this is never be a problem, but in the event a client continuously makes changes to the design or content, we run out of the allocated time to complete a website within the quoted fee structure. We advise that you take time to decide on the look and feel of your new website before we start. 

2. Please make sure that we are aware of all the content / functionalities you require to be included with your website when we provide you with our quote.


The contract price, with regard to the goods and services, is as stipulated on the quote provided. The first payment will be payable on the date of your signature or as otherwise confirmed.


The agreement shall commence on the date of signature hereof or any other date as agreed upon by the parties and shall be valid for a period of 12 (twelve) months or 12 (twelve) payments should payment only commence afterwards via monthly payments.

Thereafter the agreement can be cancelled by giving us one calendar month’s notice.

Please note (monthly payments) : Should we revamp/rebuild your website after the initial contract period, our agreement automatically extends for another 12 months.


This agreement can be cancelled by giving us 20 business days notice in writing by sending an email to info @ biographix.co.za. This agreement is not automatically cancelled or adjusted after the first initial 12 month period.

Should you wish to cancel this agreement before the completion of services requested, we will prepare a final statement detailing our work delivered and incurring expenses for time spend on your project or any subscription(s) purchased to be used on your website.


Should your fail to settle your invoices on time or your debitorder was returend for what ever reason, we have the right to suspend access to your website and emails until such time we receive your payment.

In the event that you fail to make payment you will be responsible to pay the outstanding fees for the remainder of your contract period.


Our services include the initial basic SEO optimization of your website, but we cannot guarantee the results or page ranking performance of your website on any search. Continued optimization is optional and billed according to your preferred number of hours per month or on an add-hoc basis.


We do not develop (host) websites on a third party server, and if you request this, you will be required to redirect your website's DNS to our server.


Your remain the owner of your domain. Should you wish to transfer your domain to another administrator, you are required to settle any outstandings fees before we will approve a transfer.


In the event you want a copy of your website to deploy elsewhere and you want to continue with components which we use, you would be required to purchase your own subscription where required. Alternatively, we will remove these components before providing you with a backup of your website.

WEBSITE MAINTENANCE (when applicable)

By maintenance we mean additions or maintenance to the contents, website framework of your website or database application once;

  1. the website is officially launched,
  2. the database application users get their log in details.

We include a certain time per month to do maintenance on your website. This allocation is stiplulated in our quote. If we should exceed this time, we reserve the right to invoice you for the additional time spend.

When you request major changes to the layout, structure or add new components not initially discussed or agreed to, we reserve the right to invoice you for the time spent in excess of your allocated time.

Any changes for your website must be requested in writing and send to the following email address : tasks @ biographix.co.za

Where a client have opted to exclude maintenance, compatibility issues with new frameworks may be invoiced seperately.

Unless you have paid for or make use of a seperate monthly paid retainer, the number of hours we have agreed upon is not transferrable to a new month.


We regard a website and or database application as complete once you have approved the layout, functionality and contents as initially requested and your website / database application is viewable / accessable on the internet.


Our quote excludes personal visits to premises and we reserve the right to bill for time and travelling expenses according the the AA (Motor Association) scale and current hourly rate.


We reserve the right to display our information on each webpage.


We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage, legal action or consequential loss resulting form the your website's contents, emails, functionality and or data due to actions from hackers (people who gain unlawful access your website's database or folder) computer viruses or malicious scripts.

You are also responsible for the correctness of your website's content.


Your website and email use is subject to our supplier, Xneelo's terms and conditions. To view their acceptable use policy, please follow this link : https://xneelo.co.za/legal/acceptable-use-policy/

BACKUPS (only applicable if we host your website's content and email)

Our service provider, Xneelo, provides incremental backups for your website’s content and emails up to 14 days. Although this works great for your website, email backups are not necessarily syncronized with your computer and therefore we require you to ensure you make backups of your email accounts.

We can only provide you with an email log for up to 2 months, but we cannot retrieve emails. It is therefore imparetive that you make backups of your email data files.

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