As part of our service we provide remote support for email related queries (email and signature setup).

If you do not already have Teamviewer on your desktop or Mac, simply click the image below to start the download. Copy this program to your desktop or a folder you will remember and when requested run the program.


If you want to setup your own email or signatures, check out these helpscreens.

Outlook Signatures Setup < 2010 version
Outlook Signatures Setup => 2010 version
Email setup for Outlook < 2010 version
Email setup for Outlook => 2010 version
Email setup for ipads or tablets
Email setup for mobile phones

Some good advise when you start with Smart Phones and iPads setup.

  • You might want to take it slow and make 100% sure of every letter you type. If you don't get it right the first time, do not worry, we normally don't get it right the first time either.
  • If you have tried 10 times without success and you start to wonder if there is fault with your email account on the server, trust me the problem is not there.  We suggest you delete the account and start over rather than trying to change and try different settings.
  • When you see an optional setting and the helpscreen prompts you to complete it - complete it, or point no 1 & 2 will become a reality.
  • We cannot provide remote support on Smart Phones and iPads.
  • Talking to cellphone sales people will probably not solve your problem, they'll phone us anyway.
  • Calm down before you phone us. If you loose your temper, we need to find it before we can help you...
  • If you require us to read the instructions indicated on the helpscreens, you are most welcome to call us.
  • "your" means you need to replace this with your real domain name.
  • You cannot create the same type of signature format for your smart phone or Ipad as you get in Outlook. (Why? We don't know...)
  • Most importantly; don't take life too seriously. If you did not catch the lighter side above... just give us a call and we'll sort it out. Seriously.

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